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I'm Tom Jacoby, my business is Number One On The List. NOOTL has provided Internet Marketing Solutions since 1997, longer than Google. NOOTL does websites to make your vision an Internet reality and Search Engine Optimization help to get your website on top of search results for your products and services.

Improve Search Engine Results With SEO By Number One On The List

Hi, Tom Jacoby, Number One On The List. The reason Number One On The List is here is to help you to improve search engine results. Whatever your product or service is, if you have a cheeseburger restaurant and somebody does a search for cheeseburger in your location...let's say, it's Hicksville. So somebody searches Hicksville [...]

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Drug Free World Press Releases – Rehearsal of Briefing to Dentists

Video of a Rehearsal 27 January 2016 for a Briefing to Manhattan / Nassau / Suffolk Dentists delivered the following day at Papazzio in Bayside NY. https://youtu.be/pn0VG8WvcTA TRANSCRIPT Hi. Tom Jacoby, NumberOneOnTheList.com. I do professional websites, I offer SEO help, and I do press releases. All right? You get broad distribution of your news for [...]

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Presentation – Internet 5 Steps To Total World Domination 28 July 2015

Video of a Presentation delivered on Tuesday 28 July. http://youtu.be/UnixxEYCtB0 TRANSCRIPT Nerd Girl: NumberOneOnTheList.com, professional mobile friendly websites and SEO help. It's better if you're on top. Tom: This is mostly geared to people who already have some kind of a web presence, to people who already have some kind of a website. Now, mompreneurs [...]

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Internet Marketing – SEM Five Do-able Steps to Total World Domination

Sneak preview video of a presentation to be delivered on Tuesday 28 July. http://youtu.be/sv9BxcW3YbY TRANSCRIPT Tom: Hi. Tom Jacoby here, NumberOneOnTheList.com. Thanks for watching. All right. So tonight, this is a preview of five simple steps to total world domination using your Internet resources, okay? Now I'm going to be do that as a presentation [...]

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Mobile-Friendly Professional Websites Presentation

http://youtu.be/xrMsvO17kFI What Does Google Want From Me? Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. (Compare that with Steve Jobs's 1980 mission statement for Apple: "To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.") Since Google is a public company, Google's [...]

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Ten Google-Friendly SEO Tips for 2015

http://youtu.be/7YNpvJNBmuk Tom's Top 10 2015 Google-Friendly SEO Tips TRANSCRIPT Hi, Tom's tips for 2015. Tip number one. Make the material on your website easy to review. Do you provide a product or service? Make it easy to review those, all right? Very important, customers who enjoy what you do will not hunt for a place [...]

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Where to Put Reviews

http://youtu.be/kdtoOCi5vXw Google Partners Event - Where to put Reviews - NumberOneOnTheList TRANSCRIPT Mildred Tassone: Hi, I'm sorry, if you'd like to introduce yourself we can get it to . . . Bob Hopp: I have the Hopp Companies, and I have a question. In the video he talked about the importance of references and not [...]

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The Midtown Dentist

The Midtown Dentist is kind, friendly, caring and gentle After a lot of work and help from Tom and Lori, I have moved to NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST for "Midtown Dentist." We have a total of 3 slots on the first page and are coming up on the first page of "Dentist [...]

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Preferred Dental Care

NumberOneOnTheList.com Press Releases have spread the news of Preferred Dental Care's good works in our communities and tens of thousands of news outlets have spread our message! This is not only good for Preferred Dental Care's public relations and reputation, other businesses see the good example and are encouraged to get involved as well. This [...]

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PDG Consultants

PDG Consultants customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GP Since working with Tom at NumberOneOnTheList.com, I am pleased to report that the SEO campaign has been focused on my core businesses, the niches where PDG Consultants specializes and we are getting the exact client that we can serve best. NumberOneOnTheList.com hit a homerun for us. [...]

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Dr Jay Spina, Dolson Avenue Medical

Dr Jay Spina, Dolson Medical NumberOneOnTheList.com was able to get us back onto the first page of Google search results in our local listings. As a matter of fact, we came up 3 times out of the 7 local listings! They have also worked with a staff member in our office to maximize our [...]

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Schare and Associates

Since we have started working with Tom at NumberOneOnTheList.com, the traffic to our web site www.juicedeals.com has increased markedly and Schare & Associates have gotten new customers. There was a time recently when the number of new inquiries were drying up. Once we started with Tom, traffic has picked back up and it's consistent, week [...]

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Images, Videos on Smartphones

http://youtu.be/vM81dfD0sE0 Google Partners Event - Images, Videos on Smartphones - NumberOneOnTheList TRANSCRIPT ...if you want to look at who you're communicating to. And in the 21st century the people you're talking to are accessing the internet on their smartphones. Hence, the beauty of using pictures and video. Pictures and video communicate much better to somebody [...]

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SEO and SEM Leads

Where Are Real SEO and SEM Leads?   New Clients and Potential Clients Are Key for Any Business   The best is referrals from happy Customers and getting found on search results. I've tried various services and websites, results were routinely underwhelming. thumbtack.com - Got leads? So now I'm giving Thumbtack a go. [...]

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Do-It-Yourself SEO

Do-It-Yourself SEO in Two Parts   (1) Research and (2) Learn by doing.   (1) Research Here's a tip: the best source of information on Google is (drum roll) Google. Check these out: Google’s 3 Steps To Optimizing Your Web Site (One Page Cheat Sheet) Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (from Google webmaster docs) The [...]

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Search Engine Optimization Help and Websites

https://youtu.be/NdwuYQKTnZA Two Great Reasons To Choose NumberOneOnTheList Websites and SEO Help TRANSCRIPT Your website is your 24/7 Reception. Does your website represent your business the right way? NumberOneOnTheList.com for websites. Is your website optimized for search? NumberOneOnTheList.com for SEO help. One third of buyers choose the first one on search results. Nine out of ten [...]

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Hummingbird Semantic Search – Tom SEO Tip

http://youtu.be/0unlZn40W74 Hummingbird Semantic Search - Tom SEO Tip Number One On The List 917-338-9586 TRANSCRIPT Hi. Tom Jacoby here, NumberOneOnTheList.com. Here's Tom's tip for today, okay. Alright. Just so you know, Google had the most sweeping change in their search algorithm in fourteen years and it happened last August, very quietly. The change was code [...]

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Domain Names for SEO – Tom SEO Tip

http://youtu.be/gJ-yFCB4yxQ Domain Names for SEO - Tom SEO tip NumberOneOnTheList 917-338-9586 TRANSCRIPT Hi. Tom Jacoby here with Tom's tip for today. Alright now, a while back, Matt Cutts - Google, he's the head of the web spam team - he announced that exact match domains, domains that precisely fit to search terms that you want [...]

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7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website

7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website 7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website 7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website 1. Expand your business in new markets 2. 24/7 promotion and presence at minimal expense 3. Your competition has websites 4. Communicate to your customers 5. You miss opportunities without a website [...]

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Why Social Media?

Why Social Media?   This is mostly the content of a handout for my Presentation "Why Social Media" 3 December 2013   Social Sites get more Traffic than NumberOneOnTheList.com!   178,587,223 Unique Visitors Oct 2013 on Google+ 167,403,281 Unique Visitors Oct 2013 on Facebook 40,150,551 Unique Visitors Oct 2013 on Twitter 38,660,116 Unique Visitors Oct [...]

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SEO On Your Home Page

Key SEO Elements Of Your Home Page A NumberOneOnTheList SEO Tip   Some Key SEO Elements on Your Home Page   Your Home Page TITLE says what you do and where you do it. A good URL from a SEO perspective says what your product or service is, in the way that your [...]

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Number One On The List

A Video About Number One On The List http://NumberOneOnTheList.com http://youtu.be/hLpsWxYKi_8 http://NumberOneOnTheList.com TRANSCRIPT 0:00 I am so happy about Number One On The List. 0:03 I want people to find me when they search for me. 0:07 If no one can find me I can't do anything. Now I get found and get business. Number One [...]

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