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Nerd Girl:, professional mobile friendly websites and SEO help. It’s better if you’re on top.

Tom: This is mostly geared to people who already have some kind of a web presence, to people who already have some kind of a website. Now, mompreneurs definitely interested. One of the first things you need obviously when you’re going to launch whatever this bright idea is, is a website. So whether it’s a new website or an old idea that you’re revisiting, what you want to do is you want to attract people to call you, you want to attract attention. Now there’s good attracting attention and there’s not so good attracting attention.

What you want to show is what problems you solve. That’s actually the primary reason why people dig deep and, you know, pay people, other people for services is to solve a problem. Reason number two is to reap a benefit, but the first one is to solve a problem. So if you solve problems for people, if you’ve got testimonials from those whose problems you’ve solved, these are prime things that belong on the website.

You want to attract people that’ll look at your website and go, “I need to email this person. I need to give them a call.” The website is not going to do it by itself. You know that build it and they will come? No, they won’t. So you need to inspire people with compelling reasons for them to contact you. That’s what belongs on your website. When your phone is ringing and your email is full of communication from people who are demanding your products and services, then you can consider to have achieved total world domination. Until then, these are the five steps to achieve total world domination.

First step, write an article. Now this could be a blog post. This could be a press release. It’s an article. It’s not about your whole business, it’s about one aspect of your business. So if you’re going to pick one aspect of your business, what do you want to pick?

BNI: One you’re best at.

Tom: Something that’s the most profitable, the place where your bread is buttered. You want to pick the area of your business that makes you the most money, and you want to tell people about that. You want to enlighten them. You want to give them compelling reasons to call you. You know, how long should this be. You know, if you’re going to deal with your whole business, this is going to be War and Peace. This is going to be enormous. To just go into that one thing, that main voodoo that you do, that’s going to be 80 to 150 words. So that’s concise. I mean, that’s barely a description, that’s not much.

To accompany this because everybody is looking at the internet on their cell phones, you want an image, you want a graphic, you want a photograph, you want some kind of an image. You know, if the main thing you are doing is selling necklaces, you want a picture of your best selling necklace. You know, if the main thing you are doing is renting co-ops, you want a picture of this great building that everybody wants to get in, that’s a hot co-op seller.

So this is what you want to stress. You want to do 80 to 250 words, brevity being the soul of whit and accompany that with a picture so people can really look at a cell phone. They’re not going to read eight paragraphs of text. If it’s the cure for cancer or how to turn lead into gold, they’re still not going to read it on a cell phone. It’s just too much of a pain in the neck. So you need an image. What else do you need?

So that’s Step 1, easy enough, write an article. It’s a short article. Oh, let’s say this is still a blank. It’s like write an article, how do I do that? You can take one of your best sales letters or promotional pieces, the thing that got the most bite, the thing that got the best results. You can cannibalize that and turn that into your article as long as it hasn’t been on the internet before you can go ahead and recycle it.

Step 2, remember this is five steps to total world domination. Step two is to do a video on the same subject. See, you’re looking to come at it from various channels and to just saturate the internet with this one particular message, not multiple messages, one message. So again, if what you’re doing is, you know, hamburgers, the best hamburger in the world. You want to continue the video. You would show these hamburgers grilling, show people eating these hamburgers, etc. etc. You know, you are going to continue pursuing that same theme.

Now how long should the video be? The video should be about 90 seconds to two minutes because after all the purpose of this is to hook someone so they’re then interested in contacting you. If you’re going to break out with a 20 minute video, nobody is going to watch it. If they already know you, perhaps you can abuse them with a longer video, but in the beginning for somebody to look at this on their cell phone, 90 seconds, two minutes, and you will get views. That will work for you. So that’s Step 2. So you’ve got an article, you’ve got a video.

Step 3 is a podcast. Hardly anybody does podcasts. The people that do podcasts, won’t stop, they love it. I participated in four or five different podcasts. These were about Welcome to the Neighborhood, and they were about internet marketing and local marketing programs on the internet. So I just showed up, talked to a couple of people I knew. The whole thing was recorded, and I thought well, so there’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back. But passively without me doing anything about this at all, the best one got over 60,000 listens, 60,000 downloads and listens.

People have commutes. People like to work out in the gym. Maybe they don’t just want to listen to Eminem the whole time that they’re working out. Maybe they want to do a little something different. Podcasts are wildly popular. Why, I don’t know why, but you can hear my loud and annoying voice on Welcome to the Neighborhood and a bunch of people have which is astonishing to me, but that’s passive promotion where you just throw it out there. You don’t need to do another thing and people listen to it, so that’s podcasts.

Now if you’re still like I’m not going to do it, podcasting, I don’t know, too strange, too alien, too weird, not going to do it. You could do testimonials. You don’t want to reprint the same testimonial. That’s a Google no-no. You absolutely don’t want to take the same thing and move it from one place to another or post it in multiple places. But what you can do is you can introduce a good testimonial. So you’ve got this great testimonial it was, “Oh, I got such fabulous advice. I made a ton of money. I saved a bunch of money. Oh, this was great, blah, blah, blah.” You can introduce this by saying, “Wow, here’s a happy camper” and then the link.

It can be that simple, you see. So what you’ve done is you created new content. That one sentence provided the link, and now people can see your new testimonial. They can get to it from your website. They can look at that new testimonial. That’s good for a lot of reasons. Some testimonials that are particularly hot are the ones on Google Plus because those get posted next to your Mac reviews. So it’s a good way for people to find you, to read good things about you. We can do one on ones if I’ve said anything completely crazy and you want to know more about it later. You’re giving me the two minute warning, good. I can’t believe that I’ve used eight minutes already. It’s such a pleasure to hear me talk.

So next, just to keep this moving right along is you want to post your article, your video, your podcast, or your testimonial. You want to post this all over your social media, absolutely. See now, this is an exception to that thing about don’t put the same thing on multiple places. You can send it. You can post it to LinkedIn. You can send it out on Twitter. You can put it on Facebook with the caveat that I don’t know anybody who’s actually making money by doing just that, by doing only social media.

I know people who are making money doing email marketing. I know people who are making money doing other stuff, but social media by itself, no. Again, this is providing people with compelling reasons to call you and speaking of people being compelled to call you, so that was four of the steps, the five steps to total world domination. Write an article, make a video, do a podcast, and post the article all over your social media, that’s the four.

The fifth is rinse, repeat. Do it again next week. Takes longer than that? That’s fine. Take two weeks this time. Try to get it down to a week so you’re going through this same cycle every week and each week highlighting a different product to service, and this way you’ll absolutely get your whole message out. But back to self-interest, so a good referral to me, people that I would like to talk to, I’d like to talk to those mompreneurs. Anybody who is getting started in business, that’s a good one. That’s people that I’d like to talk to because they’re getting started so they need a website even if it’s a referral.

You know, people are going to want to check out your website, and as usual to help the wellness guys, I mention them in my 45 seconds. Thank you very much for listening to me and for your patience. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Nerd Girl:, professional mobile friendly websites and SEO help. It’s better if you’re on top.

“Handout” for this evening’s BNI Chapter 29 presentation

You want to attract attention by showing the problems you solve and the benefits to be gained for your clients. These are reasons to contact you.

When your phone is ringing and your email in-box is fill of communication from persons who want to talk to you about your products and services, then you can be considered to have achieved total world domination. Your only worry should be how to keep up with demand.

The five-steps for total world domination:

(1) Write an article

Start with your most profitable product or service. Focus your article on this niche. Keep it short, 80 – 250 words. Post it to your blog.

(2) Make a video on the same subject as the article in step one

Keep it short, 90 seconds – 2 minutes. Create a transcript.

(3) Do a podcast on the same subject as the article in step one

A podcast is an opportunity to fully explore your topic. 20 – 30 minutes or mre is recommended. For non-podcasters, disseminate testimonials.

(4) Posting the article, video, podcast to all of your social media

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, et al. Using your content from (1) and (2) in an email newsletter ia another good practice.

(5) Rinse, repeat – this cycle should run for about a week

There are some zero steps to total world domination
(0) Make your website mobile-friendly
(00) Optimize your website for search engines

There’a a 20 minute video that was supposed to be a preview of this presentation but I went over and you can find the video with a transcript and links here:

Internet Marketing – SEM Five Do-able Steps to Total World Domination

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