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to be delivered on Tuesday 28 July.


Tom: Hi. Tom Jacoby here, Thanks for watching. All right. So tonight, this is a preview of five simple steps to total world domination using your Internet resources, okay? Now I’m going to be do that as a presentation at BNI on the 28th of July, and hopefully there’ll be a video with a transcript, and blah, blah, blah, a whole lot of more stuff. But this is a preview, okay? So I’ll go over this quick.

Now, first, I’d like to give some credit where credit is due, all right? In the world of marketing, marketing strategies, and taking over the world, nobody knows marketing better than Bruce Wiseman, that’s Bruce Wiseman, On Target marketing, okay? There’ll be a handout or an e-mail, and I’ll give you the websites for Bruce and these other two guys, because they are some hot stuff, all right? (info below this transcript)

Bruce, through the use of surveys and finding out what your public really do need and want, which sometimes is miles apart from what you think it is, all right? It gives you a nearly telepathic capacity to understand the people you’re trying to reach, all right? It’s actually amazing when you see it in action correctly done. That’s marketing to give people what they’re needing and wanting. Who would’ve thunk it, huh? All right. So there’s Bruce Wiseman.

Another one is David Brier. David is the Minnesota master marketing, all right? His thing is branding, whereas Bruce is the actual techniques of marketing and surveying and that sort of thing. Now David is branding, okay? One of David’s principles is to speak with a defined voice. Plain vanilla is not a viewpoint, plain vanilla, being in the middle of the road, that’s where the traffic runs into you.

What you want to do is you want to decide what your viewpoint is, and you want to speak from that viewpoint, all right? You’re sharing your expertise, you’re giving advice, you’re pretty much providing reasons why people should call you. Because, after all, that’s where we close most of our business, isn’t it? It’s face-to-face, on the phone, places like that. You know, if you’re getting pre-sold orders coming in over the Internet, God bless you, you got to let me know how you’re doing, all right? But for myself, I want to give people as many great reasons to call me, contact me, reach out to me so we can then begin a dialogue, and I can have an actual opportunity to sell them my fine services, all right? So there’s that.

Anyway, part of David Brier’s thing, and this is like I did with Bruce it’s an oversimplification, okay? Part of it is to have that defined point of view, whether you’re talking about kale or ladies clothes or whatever it is you’re talking about, you need to have a particular defined viewpoint. Oh, look, sports columnists, a Mike Lupica column, I don’t know if you guys know Mike Lupica, but a Mike Lupica column always sounds like a Mike Lupica column. A Rush Limbaugh rant, like it or not, always sounds like a Rush Limbaugh rant. These guys, whether you agree with their viewpoint or not, is not the point. The point is that they have a clearly defined point of view, and things are expressed from that point of view. And one of David Brier’s many fine comments on branding is to have a very particular point of view and to express that. So not everyone will agree with you, but if you’re going to go plain vanilla, it’s pretty sure no one will be inspired by you. You’re not compelling anyone with plain vanilla. All right. So that’s Bruce, David.

And the other guy I want to bring up is Grant Cardone. I actually stole his, well, I was inspired by his ideas for the Five Steps To Total World Domination Using Your Internet Resources. Okay. So let me get right into them, but those three guys, Grant Cardone, David Brier, Bruce Wiseman, I’ll have their contact info on the e-mail, the blog post, or whatever it is that I’m putting this preview for you, okay, so you can avail yourself of their knowledge, all right? After all, I’m standing on the shoulders of giants as it were. All right. So, getting on with the show.

First thing to do in the five-step program for total world domination is write an article. Okay. This is not a whole lot of work, this is easy. An article can be very, very short, as little as 80 words. Eighty words is like two very short paragraphs. Take your best sales letter you ever wrote or the best promo you ever sent out, right, and cannibalize that. The stuff that ended up getting people to come in or made someone buy or those good reasons to call you, reuse those, those are fine, okay? So you’ve got 80 words at the low end. At the high end, unless this is really compelling, unless you’ve got the secret of eternal youth or something else that is so absolutely mind blogging universal that no one would dare to miss out on this knowledge, then you really ought to keep it down just in the interest of brevity being the soul of wit, all right, 250 words is good, 300 words is pushing it, 400 words, it better be good. If you go past 500 words, well, I don’t know, you know, you got to pitch at somebody looking at this thing on their cell phone. A 500 word article, you’re pretty much dead in the water, 80 words, that might fly. Five hundred? If it’s the secret of turning lead into gold, maybe. It’s just got to be that good, all right?

So, anyway, you right an article. What do I write about? Well, you write about your business, which is the easiest thing in the world to write about, right? Now not about your whole business, you want to pick one very specific part of your business and share your expertise on that. What part? The part that makes you money. Your most profitable stuff, where your bread is buttered. Chances are you know a lot about that, you’ve done quite a bit of study about it, and you would like to inspire people to call you up and go, “Hey, I’d like to find out more about . . . ” whatever it is, okay? So lead off with that. Do an article about that most profitable area of your business, that niche which is where most of your income or a good portion of your income comes in and write about that. Again, 80 words at the low end, figure maybe 350, 400 at the high end. If you’re going to 500, you’re really pushing it beyond the beyond. All right. So that’s step one, not so hard to do, right?

Step two, make a video about the article you did in step one. Now, how remarkable do you need to get with a video? Well, if you have a grand to spend, I know a guy who does a talk show that can put you on a professional set, and he’ll interview you. You can write the questions, he’ll ask them, you know? So obviously it’s all solved for us, and he’ll make you look like the president of the United States. You’ll be professional lit, you’ll have a three camera shoot with professional cameramen, they’ll make you look, I don’t know, like Ellen DeGeneres – well, maybe not like Ellen DeGeneres, but they’ll make you look really good, okay? You’ll look totally pro, you’ll look like an authority, and you can go that route to make a video. But it’s not a terrible idea, but it’s not necessary to go total pro. You can do something as informal as this. This is a camera on a tripod, I’m speaking to it though, I have gone over my material. I obviously don’t have a memorized script, so this is like at the other end of the spectrum from the total pro shoot. Perhaps you’re more comfortable with something in between, you know?

Have someone with a nice piece of professional equipment shoot you, all right? Even better, go to a studio, David Title has a lovely studio over in Chelsea; I can give you his information too. Go to a pro studio and let them shoot you. They can shoot you on green screen, you’re imagination is the limit. You can go any way you want to go with this. But the point is pick the same topic that you wrote this article about and now you’re doing a video. That’s not that these two things’ll end up together, it’s that these two things support each other. See, what we’re doing in this five steps to total world domination is we’re picking a profitable niche, and we’re going to rule that niche, okay?

Now, the third step. One way to go – and this is the way that Grant Cardone recommends – is to do a podcast. If you decide to go that way, that’s great. This, again, is on the order of all you talking, you’re fielding questions from somebody, you’re fielding questions from e-mail and you’re answering those. And this runs a half hour, sixty minutes. There are people with long commutes, there are people that like to workout who love podcasts. You can put podcasts online at the Apple store, at any number of other places, okay? I’ll get more into podcasts later for people who wish to do podcasting. By now, this is the third thing that you’re doing that’s on the same topic, right? Each supports the other; each reinforces the other, okay? So you got your article, you got your video, now you’re doing a podcast. By the way, none of these things need to cost anything, all right, just FYI. All right.

Fourth thing, we’re well on our way to total world domination. A fourth thing is to use social media to get these things across. So your article is posted to LinkedIn, it’s posted to your personal and business page on Facebook, it’s posted to your personal and business page on Google Plus, it’s posted to Twitter. You’ve tweeted it on Twitter, all right? Pinterest fits well, but you got to have an image. You know what? It’s good to have an image anyway. An article that’s just blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah is dryer than dust, all right? You want to, at least, include an image that’s reflective of what your article is all about.

Now, Tom’s tip for today – and you won’t find this elsewhere, but here it is, all right? If you’re going to use stock photos, you can run into a number of pitfalls. One, Google does not seem to like stock photos as much as they do original ones, that’s one. Two, you can have somebody else that has chosen the same stock photo, and it might not be a good link to you. Here’s an example. One of my clients used a photo of a pretty girl typing at a computer and she’s looking at the screen and she’s doing that. They used that image, that stock image on their homepage, right, so did LIPA. LIPA, for those who don’t know, during Hurricane Sandy, was the cause of tens of thousands of power outages. Their response was hellacious.

As a result of this, LIPA can pretty well expect to go out of business. If they do survive, it’ll be completely revamped, utterly changed. LIPA is how we spell “LOSER” on Long Island in terms of people who supply power to customers. So this is not somebody that you would want to associate yourself with. And, yet, my customer merely, by luck of the draw, picked the same homepage image as LIPA chose from the stock photos for their homepage.

So, take a picture. You got a camera built into your phone that’s probably better than any digital camera you bought up to five years ago, you know? You’ve got this at your fingertips; you’re always on your phone, turn it around and take a picture of something appropriate to your article. And so many things are appropriate to your article, you know? You can always take a picture of a large group of people. Here in Grand Central Station, you’re in Port Authority Bus Terminal bang; take a picture of a bunch of people. Because, after all, that’s what you want to do. You want to reach people, that’s how you do business, all right.

All right. So you’re including an image with your article, that’s part of the thing. And now in step four, you’re posting that image and that article to all of your social media. You’ve tweeted it on Twitter; you can include a photo with all of these things in addition to Pinterest.

Pinterest is very much visual, it’s all about photos. So you put your photo there, and it depends on what business you’re in. If you’re in lady’s fashion, please, you know what photo to post, right? So it depends on what you’re doing just how visual your business is. If you’re a financial adviser, all right, so it’s two people with their heads together going over whatever it is they’re going over. The secrets of financial success. Yeah, you know how to do this. You want to take a picture that’s evocative of that niche that you’re going after, that voodoo that you do, okay? That’s step four.

Step five is rinse, repeat, okay? You just start the whole cycle again with an article. All right. Now let’s say you’re reluctant to do a podcast. It’s like, “Tom, all right, I’ve got the idea on an article and you can put a gun to my head, and I’ll do a video, all right, I guess I can do one on my phone provided it doesn’t have to be a long video.” It doesn’t, you know, keeping it short, again brevity being the soul of wit. You want to keep your video, to attract people, 90 seconds is probably best. Once you already have an audience, you can abuse them as I am with this video and just go on and on for a bit. But I am imparting an important message, a little tough to say but it makes a lot of sense. So step five, that’s rinse, repeat.

If you don’t want to do the podcast – a lot of people seem to stumble over that. If you’re not interested in the podcast, there’s a substitute. You can do testimonials. You can do the beginning of great testimonials that people have given you, along with a link to the rest of the testimonial. Now everything that appears anywhere on the Internet has got a link to it, all right, so whether it’s a Yelp review, a Google Plus review, whatever kind of review it is, there’s a link to it. So you can do the first couple of sentences or a summary like, “Wow, here’s a happy customer” and then a link to the review or the first couple of sentences. “I was delighted to find your restaurant, blah, blah, blah,” you know, and then a link to the rest of the article.

So you can do the testimonial thing. And don’t forget to encourage people to post testimonials. This is so key. This is something that I got religion on this in 2014. Prior to this, I didn’t care so much about testimonials. Now I’m a freak for testimonials, okay? Testimonials are key. One, it’s social proof, Bill likes it so you should like it, and that’s more powerful than you might think. Another thing is the number of people that are on Yelp, and I don’t like the company, but the number of people – I’ll tell you why later. The number of people that are on Yelp, there’s like almost 200 million people on Yelp, that’s tremendous. They get a huge percentage of people, right before they make that restaurant reservation on their Smartphone, they go, “Oh, well let’s take a look. Grill Junction in Hicksville,” and they punch it up on their Smartphone. They go to Yelp, they took a look, see what reviews Grill Junction in Hicksville has, they like the reviews, they like the sound of it, they’re like, “Sure, that sounds good. I’m in the mood for a Döner Kebab.” Okay or not, it’s one of those things that helps people decide, and this is important for you. You want to present a few of your good reviews to prime the pump as it were, and you want to give them a link so that they can review you. Give them a link. There’s no reason to be nervous about this. Let your customers say good things about you.

Oh, if someone were to get all gushy with you on the phone like, “Oh, you made me so much money, I can’t believe it. It’s amazing,” you would probably be tempted to go, “Listen, can I get you to write a testimonial? I’ll put it on my website, to be honest. But this is so flattering, and it’s so wonderful to hear that I would really like to show others the nice things that you’re saying about me, so thank you very much. May I do that?” I’d be tempted to do that, maybe you would too.

All right. So that’s a substitute. Hey, if you want to really go for it, you can do both the podcast and the testimonial thing, all right? So this is going to be coming up, this is a preview. This will be my BNI presentation on Tuesday the 28th of July at 101 Park Club 101 at – well, let’s see, the meeting kicks off at 6:00, open networking 6:15. I’ll probably have the floor by about quarter to seven, five to seven, right around there. And I’m going to knock them dead with this presentation, but here you go with the preview, okay? So I’ll give you the information about podcasting, I’ll give you information on Bruce Wiseman, David Brier, and Grant Cardone. So, please, feel free to use this to get things off to a running start, all right? Thank you very much.

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“Someone recently said that credit was the life blood of the economy. This happens to be a lie. Hard work, production, and the creation of products that are needed and wanted by others—these are the true life blood of an economy.” B.W.

Bruce Wiseman is a financial adviser, market research executive, author and creator of the Tom McKenna series of detective novels. Bruce has also been an advisor and consultant to countless corporate executives and government leaders on the subject of market research, branding and positioning.

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Grant Cardone, the one and only international American entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and sales expert that has spoken at the Pentagon and has launched training across the globe in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and more. He is highly respected and regarded as a master salesperson whose passion to teach people how to sell themselves, their brand, and their dreams has driven him to unmatched heights. His books, audio programs, and seminars provide people of all professional backgrounds with the practical tools necessary to build their own economies towards the path to true freedom – financial freedom.

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