Do-It-Yourself SEO in Two Parts


(1) Research and (2) Learn by doing.


(1) Research

Here’s a tip: the best source of information on Google is (drum roll) Google. Check these out:

Google’s 3 Steps To Optimizing Your Web Site (One Page Cheat Sheet)

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (from Google webmaster docs)

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0 (actually 2.2, updated 16 Feb 14)

Some useful resources:

The above is not a complete list.

Search Engine Optimization by a NY SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization

(2) Learn by doing

The following is a simplistic but workable strategy.

You have a Hamburger Restaurant in Boston.

Look for a profitable niche where you now come up on page 3 of search results. Let’s say it’s Blue Cheese Bacon Burger Boston.

Create content that is all about the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger – pictures of various Blue Cheese Bacon Burgers, videos of how to make a Blue Cheese Bacon Burger, downloadable PDF of recipes, links to other restaurants offering Blue Cheese Bacon Burgers (not your competition of course), contact the other restaurants so that they link to your Blue Cheese Bacon Burger page, blog about Blue Cheese Bacon Burger, get Customers to review your Blue Cheese Bacon Burger.

Your meta tags, title, description all align with your Blue Cheese Bacon Burger Boston content, you have sitemaps submitted to Google and Bing, you add new content 3 times a week or more.

Question? Let’s discuss.

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