Below is the information on my handout

which was distributed at the Free Google Partners

Event on 7 July at the Keats Agency.

I videoed a 45 minute Q & A and some short videos

edited from that will be available on YouTube soon.

7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website
1. Expand your business in new markets
2. 24/7 promotion and presence at minimal expense
3. Your competition has websites
4. Communicate to your customers
5. You miss opportunities without a website
6. A channel for interested persons to contact you
7. Enlighten prospective clients on your business

Not having a website in business is like having an unlisted phone number for your business.


Free Google Partners Event - Tom of on websites and SEO help

Free Google Partners Event – Tom of on websites and SEO help


7 Reasons Your Website Needs SEO help
(1) If not visible to searchers, you will not be found
(2) Page one of searches for your products and services is the best place to be found
(3) 1/3 of buyers go to the top search results
(4) 9 out of 10 buyers don’t search past page one
(5) Everyone looks for everything on the internet
(6) Your competition is doing Search Engine Optimization
(7) Get found and get business

If your website is a beautiful, compelling, edge-of-your-seat movie about your business, then SEO is the distribution to put your movie in thousands of theaters or the airtime to show your movie to your targeted audience on prime time.