But you know here, here in America Google accounts for 65% of the searches, in Europe it’s more like 90% and the Orient it’s not Google at all, you know, just for cultural reasons, okay? But, search is typically, a person sits down and they sign onto the internet. 90% of those people are looking for something. So they start with a search engine in America, in Europe, it’s usually Google. So they type in what they’re looking for, maybe they’re looking for, maybe they’re looking to meet people, so they go, you know, singles dating for Scientologists or whatever it is that they’re looking for. They type that in and from search results they’ll pick something near the top of page one and go to that website. That is ordinarily what happens, this is what happens to 90% of people using the internet. So, if your service or product, if you’re, if you’re selling oh I don’t know, automobile tires, you would want it so that somebody sits down on the computer, types in automobile tires and they come up with your fine establishment, you know, they find you. You want to get found and get business, right?

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