Woodland Custom Beam Company.

This website is an e-commerce website.

While the main product that the owner sells needs to be quoted on a case-by-case basis, the company also sells samples of its beam products online.

These samples give clients the knowledge they need to order large quantities of the beams for their remodels and new build projects.

Company was founded in 2008 as an online-only wood beam store. 2018 gross sales $500,000.00.

This figure is based only on online sales created through organic search alone, no AdWords. This website has a lot of legacy SEO done on it. When I came to remake it this last time around, in addition to designing it so that the best keywords were most prominent and encouraging conversion through the navigation and call-to-action elements, I also took a deep dive on the search engine optimization, going into all the crawl errors on webmaster tools and correcting the root causes as well as auditing all the thin content on the site and doing a very thorough disavow on old junky links.

Ranking Result: Keyword: custom wood beams.

Result: spot 8 on national search.

Keyword: box beams. Result: spot 4 on national search results as of the 16th of February 2019.

Esthetix Dental Spa. esthetixdentalspa com  We started with this office in 2014. At that time, office had very little web presence and a small uninteresting website. We put together a website using a basic concept from another designer and then adding important SEO factors that included eliminating thin content and beefing up content for the ROI keywords as well.

This client originally didn’t believe in using Google My Business as a platform, also didn’t see the value of reviews. This was also handled by us and today the practice does over $3,000,000.00 in yearly gross revenue and enjoys excellent ranking.

Ranking Results: Keyword Dentist Washington Heights ranking spot 2.

Keyword: Dental Implants Washington Heights ranking spot 1.

Results as of the 17th of February 2019.

Same Day Garage Door Services

This site did not exist in 2017. We created and optimized in 2018. As of today, in 2019, he is running 3 trucks.

Ranking Results: Keyword: Gilbert Garage Repair (very competitive). Result: spot 2.

Keyword: Garage Doors Gilbert. Result: spot 3 Maps spot 2 organic.

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Here are some sample action reports:

Sun Lakes Landing Page


Reviewed social media sets, removed invaluables & duplicates.

Feedback for continuation, delegated. Revisited customs, removed invaluables and duplicates, feedback for continuation, divided into sets, delegated.

Revisited local sets feedback for continuation for aggregators 1st through 9th 12th and other sets delegated. You can see more on the screen.

Testimonials: “I refer him to fellow colleagues with no reservations. Tom is product oriented and no-nonsense.” Dr. Bernard Fialkoff DDS

“Anything I need on the Internet, Number One On The List is right there.” Dr. Robert M Trager, the JFK Airport Dentist.

“Great results and great idea sharing.” Mike Hoy, Holistic Drug Rehab.

“We are continuously getting calls and emails from companies that we have never heard of before. They are contacting us almost every day.” Keith Schare, Schare and Associates.

“Press Releases spread the news of Preferred Dental Care’s good works in our communities and tens of thousands of news outlets carried our message.” Rushi Trivedi, CEO Preferred Dental Care.

“Number One On The List provided me with great advice and great service.” Gary Epstein, The Bright Thinking Initiative.

“You guys basically helped build my business from zero to 3 trucks and over a hundred routes, I can’t thank you enough.” Kevin Swofford, Malibu Pool Service.

“To be honest, when I came into this I figured it might just be money down the drain but man, it is paying off really well.” Jason Swim, Arizona Native Roofing.

“Awesome expertise in SEO and web design.” Tim Tobon, Tobon Law Office.

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