Tom Jacoby: Now, that’s another use for your blog. Once you’ve gone through the time and effort of taking a nice photo that fits with the text that you’ve written and you posted that to your blog, the next thing I’m gonna do is splash that through your social media. In fact, that’s part of the master plan is…

Woman: Okay. Is that supposed to…?

Tom Jacoby: It comes up on number four, all right?

Man: Okay, good.

Tom Jacoby: But we jumped ahead to that, that’s fine. Yeah, this philosophy is, “Create once, use many times,” and it’s the most efficient possible use of your time and efforts. If you’re gonna bother to write this article and take the picture and put this whole thing together, sure, go ahead and do that. Put it on, you know, your different social media. You can link from your blog for your different social media, even Twitter, which has an extreme limit in terms of how much you can say. You can use a sentence or two and a link to your blog. You know, you’re limited to 140 characters or spaces on Twitter but you can be succinct. You can say

Man: Read the full article about bla bla

Tom Jacoby: Yes. Read the full article about whatever it happens to be, “The new spiciest Chinese restaurant in Manhattan, ‘Szechuan Fire’ read the review here”, and you have a link, okay?

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