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0:06 Hi. Tom at NumberOneOnTheList dot com here to talk to you about Google Adwords.
0:09 Allright, a properly run Google Adwords campaign
0:12 does not cost money, it makes money, all right?
0:15 This is a profit center for you, you get business that you would not otherwise
0:18 have gotten but
0:20 no need to take my word for it, OK?
0:23 What you can do is allow access to your Google Adwords account,
0:27 give you an evaluation;
0:29 if you can save money, great,
0:31 if you can make more money, great.
0:33 If not, we’ll tell you so, OK?
0:35 There’s no trickery, there’s no skullduggery.
0:39 You pay your money, you get your results.
0:41 It’s as simple as that.
0:43 And this is, as I say, a profit center. This is a way for you to make money, increase your
0:47 bottom-line, not to spend money, all right?
0:51 Google Adwords

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