How Mobile Friendly Is Your Website?

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So this is it. Hi. Welcome to the cure for insomnia. So if you take a look at these green sheets, we’ve got a handout tonight. So there’s actually big news in my industry these days. One of the biggest things that’s going on is Google told us in advance of a big change they’re gonna make on the 21st of April.

Usually they just do these things and you wake up in the morning and go, “Oh my God, what happened to all my search engine rankings?” But this time they’re letting us know in advance. And the big deal this time is how mobile friendly is your website. So it’s great that it looks good on a PC. Does it also look good on a tablet? Does it also look good on a smartphone? There are more smart phones than human beings in the United States.

Tablet sales have out swept desktop sales. So these are huge, these portable devices are a bigger deal. If you’re not sure whether you’re mobile friendly or not, take a look at the bottom of this. Google actually has a tool online. You type in your web address, and it tells you if you’re mobile friendly. If you’re not, what the deal is, okay?

All right. I don’t know if anybody knows what Google’s actual mission statement is, but what it is, and you can read it off here, but what it is, is “Here to organize the world’s information, and make it universally accessible and useful.” While I was researching this, I went, you know, “I had the idea that Google’s purpose was more of an observer than it was like an active participant.” But no, they’re organizing and they’re making things accessible. So Google is not merely reporting on the Internet, they’re shaping the Internet, okay?

And their main revenue stream is Google AdWords paid advertising. You get the idea after a while, because everybody uses it all the time, it doesn’t cost any money. You get the idea that Google is like air, you have it because you’re here on earth. But no, they’re actually a public corporation, and their purpose is to make business. They want you using Google products continually. They give you the free ones so you’ll stick around for the stuff that costs money.

So here’s a couple of things that make your website attractive to Google. You need to be relevant for whatever it is you say you do. If your website is about cheeseburgers, you need to have cheeseburgers on your website, for any web developers out there. The rule of thumb is that the main thing you do has to be one click away, no more than from your home page. If you’re at your home page, you should be able by one click to go to whatever the main thing is that you do, okay? It shouldn’t be buried on the services page, the sixth one down. It needs to be prominent. All right. So that’s relevance.

The next thing is full feature. This is something new with Google. Google used to accept not nonsense really, where you could a URL that was like…the URL is And your website says It has a link to a menu and a picture of a cheeseburger. This is thin content. This is a crap website. There’s not really much there. Google, what they want now, is they wanna see full features. They don’t wanna just see the picture of the cheeseburger. They wanna hear all about it, the more the better. If your website is about hummingbirds, they wanna know where they live, how they migrate, their mating habits, what they eat, how to build a hummingbird feeder, you know, all this jazz. They want as much information as possible.

You probably noticed that since Google started semantics search, which is spoken word search, in August of 2014, you can search not just by keywords, you can search by concepts. You can search like, “How do I change the clutch on a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle?” And you’ll get back results that are relevant to that. So it’s a different thing out there. So that’s having full featured content. By the way, if any of this is just too obscure for words, let’s do a 1-on-1.

The other thing is how useful your website is. Now useful websites, the people that decide to link to you. That’s the company you keep, that determines how useful you are. This was Google’s original algorithm named PageRank after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. This is how they originally decided what websites should be ranked on top. It’s the number of links coming into the website. Now these should be good links. Well, what’s a good link?

If I’m in the search business, and I have the search engine journal linking to me. If I have Google linking to me, that’s all good. If I have some blog wheel, that’s like a link from a site that links to another site that links to another site that links … coming back to me, that’s crap. That’s actually gonna hurt my ranking. If I have paid links, if I gave somebody 15 bucks to link to me, that’s gonna do me no good either. So it needs to be relevant in my business.

By the way, does anybody know why porn sites don’t get real good search engine rankings? They get a ton of traffic. Really, about a third of the Internet is porn. Anybody know? Nobody wants to link to them. That’s why, okay? They’ll go visit, but they don’t wanna link. That’s just one additional thing about linking. You might not have thought of that before.

Deborah Hunter: Only you Tom.

All right. Anyway, back to work. So the next point. The search engine optimization section of this is really just about the kind of content you wanna create. Yes, please. I thought you made a question.

Jonathan Ratchk signals that 3 minutes remain.

Three minutes, wow. I’m almost out of business here. Okay, good.

All right. Good content. Here’s an example of good content. I have a restaurant. I feature the bacon double cheeseburger heart attack burger, that’s my prime thing. Now my website, in addition to having photos of the famous bacon double cheese heart attack burger. It’s also got side dishes that could go with it. It’s got menu suggestions. It’s got coupons for savings. I link to other restaurants that don’t compete with me, so I could link with hamburger restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles, other places. Because they’re not gonna take business away from me, but these guys will also be happy if I link to them.

We’re all relevant to each other. We’re all good for each other. We can review each other. We can provide content to each other, and we don’t hurt each other’s business. It’s all good. So someone else that does what you do that’s in a non-competitive position, is great content.

Here’s a trick. You can take your good reviews that you got on Google or on Yelp or wherever it is you happened to have good reviews, and you can work that into a blog post. That person that posted on Yelp, “Oh, what a job Jonathan did for me. He got me a million dollars for my broken leg.” That is huge. You can post that in a blog, and then talk about your personal injury services. This is getting extra mileage, and out of any time somebody does write a testimonial for you, that’s a link that you wanna promote all over the Internet. That’s something that you wanna make a buzz out of it. You wanna keep repeating this. Make your good works well known. Don’t hide your light under a bushel basket.

Back to what I was saying earlier during the 45 seconds. I’ve been given a Starbucks card recently. And the other thing is the bag of booze, but the third choice … and you can have either one of those, those are fine. The third choice is you get a words and music commercial, which you can see if you got a In the middle of the bottom of the page you see a little cartoon, little words and music. I’ll do one for you. This can’t be one that goes on for 20 minutes. This is gonna be a minute and a half, a minute. So it’s gonna be short. I’ll do it for your business, very specifically about your business, okay?

Ordinarily I would charge a lot more than 20 bucks for it, but what the hell. This is a special BNI kind of offer if it’s appropriate to you. And that’s pretty much everything I’ve got for right now. I think I’ll just briefly mention that a good referral from me is still chiropractors, dentists, periodontists, professionals. Professionals, doesn’t matter if they’re huge business or smaller business, that’s okay. The age-fat guy. He’s hot to trot. He’s ready to go. Anything like that. Professionals that are looking to get the word out.

Thank you very much for listening.

Take care, be well, have fun,

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