The Happy Customer Video


The beginning of this is about ways that you can increase your search engine ranking by doing simple things that are not expensive and not tremendously time-consuming.

One is YouTube video. As you can see, I believe in this myself. There’s some easy YouTube videos that you can make, that have a lot of clout because Google owns YouTube, outright, so they tend to be preferential toward YouTube, maybe a little more than they should, so you can exploit this. Here’s an example: Simple video to make is the ‘happy customer’. You’ve just delivered something, you’ve printed cards for somebody, whatever, and they’re better than they expected. The guy’s like, “Wow. This is awesome. These are great invitations. This is phenomenal.” You can just take a moment and go, “Excuse me. Do you mind if I just take a quick YouTube video? I’m going to throw it on my website.” People are flattered, they say, “Sure.” Sometimes, they want to make sure their hair is OK. They’re happy to do it, generally speaking. These people are thrilled; you’re catching them at a good moment. You shoot a quick video, it’s handheld, it’s probably semi-OK lit, but not great. The fact that it doesn’t look like a pro shoot is in your favor, that gives it a certain amount of credibility, because it’s off-the-cuff. This is somebody else saying nice things about you, which is more believable than you saying nice things about you. You can accumulate hundreds of these things. Anytime you have a happy customer, think of shooting a little YouTube video. Easy video to do; people are flattered that you asked.

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