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NumberOneOnTheList will research a useful business keyword search term for your company at no charge. Boost your internet marketing and promotion results, get more sales.

A useful keyword is one that is high traffic and low competition so that you can endeavor to improve your search engine ranking for that keyword to page one of search results. Frequently, a useful keyword is a profitable niche within your industry.

Free Keyword Research For Your Business

0:02 A couple words about a new service;
0:04 all right, so, Tom Jacoby here, Number One On The List.
0:07 What this service is:
0:09 we will find a workable
0:12 keyword
0:13 search term
0:15 for your business for you.
0:18 Now, sure, if you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve already done your branding,
0:21 you’ve done your surveying, you’ve done your marketing.
0:23 Your business identity is all worked out, you have your marketing campaign to go with.
0:29 But this is
0:31 the search term
0:32 where you want to come up, how you want to reach your market.
0:36 In other words: if you’re a website developer
0:39 perhaps you want people to find you
0:42 if they’re looking for professional website
0:44 in new york, OK?
0:46 So we would locate that phrase for you: “professional website NY”.
0:50 Which you can then, you know, use in your marketing campaign.
0:55 The kind of phrase we would look for, what makes it useful, is it would be a
0:59 specific niche.
1:01 We’re not going to try to take over
1:04 a huge keyword like “insurance” or “dentist” there’s just too much competition. What you
1:10 want
1:11 is you want something that’s got a lot of traffic
1:13 but it’s focused. It doesn’t have
1:16 too much competition so you can actually rise to the top of that, right?
1:19 So that’s the overall game plan, OK?
1:22 More about this soon.
1:23 Take a look at the special offer. Thank you.

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