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Hi. Tom Jacoby here, Here’s Tom’s tip for today, okay. Alright. Just so you know, Google had the most sweeping change in their search algorithm in fourteen years and it happened last August, very quietly. The change was code named “Hummingbird” okay and what it is, it’s semantic search rather than keyword search.
Now before you all nod off, I’ll explain, right? Alright, semantic search has to do with the context and the topic. Let me explain. Alright, if you want to find out about hummingbirds and you’re doing a keyword search, you would search “hummingbird”. If you want to find about the life cycle of hummingbirds, where they live and things like that, you could search “life cycle of the hummingbird” or you can search “where hummingbirds live”. You see? So that’s the difference. One way is a keyword “hummingbird”, the other way is a topic like “where hummingbirds live”, “the life cycle of a hummingbird”.
Alright, so that – that is a major change. “Alright Tom, so how does this affect me?” I’ll tell you. You need to make your pages deeper. What I mean by deeper is more informative. Just like “Hi, here’s where we’re located, these are our hours. Come on by.” Not enough.
You want to say what your purpose is, what’s your mission statement, what your specialty is. You know? You want to mention a few successes you’ve had lately. That sort of thing. You want to go a bit deeper. You want to provide more in order to develop more interest, okay.
You want to invite people to ask you questions, which you then answer and you can post that online. You know, you can prime the pump – ask a couple of people that you happen to have in your shop, just ask them if they have any questions. Get what the question is and answer that online, just to get it started, you see I mean, but the idea is to give in-depth content, to be engaging, to be interesting and to provide more information.
That is the big difference between Hummingbird – the Google iteration of Hummingbird, which is semantic search and the old version, the pre Hummingbird version, which was keyword search, alright. It’s not just words anymore.
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YouTube Transcript
0:05I’m conjugal be here
0:07number one on the list I com here’s Tom step for tonight okay
0:11alright just so you know Google
0:14at all most sweeping change in search algorithm
0:18fourteen years happen last August
0:22very quietly the change was coded
0:26hummingbird okay and what it is
0:29its semantic search resident keyword search
0:33now before you you will not walk explain right
0:36are of semantic search has to do with a contested
0:41top let me mix
0:45so if you wanna find out hummingbirds doing keyword search
0:49you which church hummingbird yeah if you wanna find
0:54about the life cycle of hummingbirds
0:57live things like pat you could search
1:01life cycle of the hummingbird or you can search
1:05where hummingbirds live you say so that’s the difference one way
1:10is a key word hummingbird the other way top
1:14live the life cycle hope alright so that’s
1:18that is a major change all right %ah services affect me
1:22I’ll tell you you need to make your pages deeper
1:26what I mean by deeper is worn for me just like
1:31hi located these are ours: come on
1:34not enough you wanna say
1:37what your purpose is what your mission statement what’s your specialty
1:41its you now you want to mention a few successes you
1:45that’s worth you want call puppet
1:48deeper you wanna pipeline more in order to develop more interest okay
1:53you want to invite people to ask you questions which used
1:58answer you can post now not comprise the pomp
2:02ask couple people that happen happen shop just
2:06ask them if they have any questions get what the question is an answer that
2:11just a good start sure i mean but the idea is
2:15to give in-depth contact
2:18to be gauging to be interesting to to provide
2:22more information that is the big difference
2:26between hummingbird have
2:29the Google integration hummingbird which is semantic search
2:33and all version the pre hummingbird version
2:38which was keyword search right not just words
2:41let’s discuss top jacoby
2:45I’m 917 338 9586
2:48or come visit me at number one on the list
2:51com looking forward to seeing backs

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