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Hi. Tom Jacoby here with Tom’s tip for today. Alright now, a while back, Matt Cutts – Google, he’s the head of the web spam team – he announced that exact match domains, domains that precisely fit to search terms that you want to be found for, are no good.
Alright now, that’s true and it isn’t. It’s no good to have no content and simply have a domain name to carry – and expect that to carry you through search, alright.
Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re a steakhouse and you’re in Midtown. So you want to come up on Google search results page one if somebody searches for steakhouse Midtown. So you get that URL, you get steakhouseMidtown, okay? But your content is junk. There’s nothing there, you know, there’s a scan of a menu as a downloadable PDF. There’s nothing else there. That is crap. That’s not going to get you ranked, okay.
Now. Here’s the other case. This is where you’ve got rich content. You’ve got directions. You can make a reservation online, okay. Want to place a catering order, look at our catering menu. Want to see what the specials are today? Have a look. You see what I mean?
Content. You’re bringing some value to the table. Because, after all, this is what Google is aspiring to do, is to create a positive user experience.
If you want to bother to look something up online, you should get information, not just a one-off, you know. You should actually walk away with the information you need and want. Alright, so that’s Tom’s tip for today. The exact match domain – yeah, don’t do it and expect it to carry you all by itself. But, if you going to bother to put the content there to back that up, it’s not a bad strategy at all, okay? You want to discuss this? Give me a shout, 917-338-9586. Or come and visit. Thanks.

YouTube Transcript
0:03I tonto be here with Tom step for today
0:06all right now while back Matt Cutts Google
0:10have web spam tops
0:14that exact match domains domains
0:17jacked precisely fit to search terms that you want to be
0:21down okay alright
0:25now that’s true in today’s okay
0:28it’s no good to have no contact and simply happy domain name
0:34to captain expect that to carry you through research right
0:37example let’s say your steakhouse
0:41mid so you wanna come up on
0:44Google search results page 1 somebody searches for
0:48steakhouse Midtown so you get that you are a
0:52you get steakhouse Midtown okay current
0:57joke yet there’s nothing there you know it is a scam
1:01menu was a downloadable PDF there’s nothing else there
1:05that is crap that snake
1:08okay now his
1:12is the other case bridge contact you get directions you can make a reservation
1:18okay one place a camera look at a catering
1:22once with a special how to look you see what I mean
1:25content you’re bringing some value to the table
1:29because after all this is what Google
1:32is aspiring to do is to create are positive user experience
1:37ball the look something up online you should
1:41information not just a all one of you know you should actually
1:46walk away with the information you needed one alright so that’s time step
1:51for today
1:52the exact match domain yeah don’t do it expected to carry
1:56all by itself by if you got up off
1:59to put to contact back down up not a bit strategy
2:04okay you want to discuss give you shout
2:08917 3389 586
2:12all come and visit number one on the list compaq’s

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