On-Page SEO

For A WordPress Website



Install and configure Plug-Ins, free with 20 or more webpages.


Any webpages except for Home pages should be one product or service and one location (if business is geocentric) per webpage.


On-page SEO on a webpage includes:

On-page SEO on a webpage includes:
Optimized meta-tags
Optimized copy (additional 10 cents/word if copy is not provided)
Optimized ALT tags for images
Webpage added to site map
Site map updated and submitted to Google



SEO is a process, not paid advertising. With paid advertising, you pay your money and you get your ad. SEO is considerably less expensive than paid advertising in the long run but SEO requires patience.

Plan to commit for at least 6 – 12 months for a geocentric (location-based) business to a program of external SEO services to support your on-page SEO. For a non-geocentric (“national” or “international”) business, a minimum commitment is 12 – 18 months or so.

Home pages are handled differently and pricing is based on estimated time and effort for the complexity of the task. Please provide URL of Home page for quote.

The above involves some changes to Plug-Ins, HTML and text on your website.

E-commerce, security and design changes are not included in the above. NumberOneOnTheList.com has referral partners for those services.

NumberOneOnTheList.com is a New York Search Engine Optimization Company specializing in External SEO. On-page SEO is offered as an accomodation to our Customers.

Take care, be well, have fun,

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    packard custom cabinetry

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    Dr Bernard Fialkoff DDS

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    I am impressed with Tom’s ability to make our site visible, and at a reasonable price. I’m very excited to see how things continue to improve into the future. Thanks Tom!


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    Leader Electric

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    Preferred Dental Care

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